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Recording guitars to an album, is it right time for a change, part 1

In this (and especially the following) post I will discuss how I've recorded guitars on STUD 's upcoming new album. However, I will also go through what I did with our previous two albums "Out Of The Darkness" and "Rust On The Rose". Although difficult to admit, I've made some elementary mistakes along the way. Listening back to all three albums, I feel that the overall sound has evolved album by album, and that goes for the guitar sound as well. With each album I was quite satisfied with my guitar sound, but by the time we started to record the next album I felt that some changes must be done. I quess it's learning by doing. When we made our first two albums, we booked a studio for few days and recorded drums, bass and rhythm guitars together playing live. Once we got a good take for drums, we did fixes to bass and guitar tracks if necessary. Guitar was always doubled and panned to left and right. Clean guitars were always recorded separately. Som

Make the best out of your band's demo, part 2

In my previous post I went through how we did the basic tracks (rhythm guitars, bass, drums and keyboards) on the demos of STUD 's upcoming 3rd album. In this post I will go forward and discuss the rest of the demo phase. We always do songs one at a time. The plan was to make the basic tracks and sometimes even the guitar solos on one Pro Tools session, and mix them down to a stereo track. Until this stage everything was done at my house. Next steps required the equipment to be carried to our rehearsal room for the vocal tracks. For this it was essential to have portable gear that was easy to carry back and forth. For the vocals I used a second Pro Tools session. The stereo track of the basic tracks was imported to this session and the vocals were recorded on top of that. This way there was no noticeable latency when recording, since all the tracks were audio tracks with minimum plugins used. In my previous post Getting the basic equipment for your recording project I went thr